what magic you possess in the morning

the earth is still and still your heart beats

these are the moments i live for

a beauty unmatched

unknown even to the beholder

as the world burns around us

serenity lives in your eyes

you are my safe space

the calm before my storm

our imperfections perfected who we are

unapologetic about being unacceptable

what magic you possess in the morning

do you know the power within your smile

shame no longer lives in what was

instead courage pushes me to what will be

you are the memory ill never forget

you are the random thought during the conversation i wasn’t listening to

the daydream i replay at night

marking the exact moment i fell for you

just moments before you caught me

what magic you possess in the morning

to see me in a different light than i see myself

in all the places i feel dim

you whisper to me that ive never been brighter

you caress the scars that could’ve ended me simply because they didn’t

my scars feel so different under your fingers

my stories have an audience

your sweet embrace was the standing ovation i never knew i needed

your kiss whispered encore

and since then life has never been the same

what magic you possess in the morning…

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