i saw you today and didn’t speak

though gravity seemed to pull me towards you, i fought harder and pulled away

a taste i once ached for, danced just close enough to my lips to remind me of what used to be

i walked away wondering if this is what sobriety feels like

to be dying of a thirst, and still refuse the tall glass of beauty that you are

for drinking you, no matter how satisfying, only leaves me thirstier

there is strength in walking away

all the money in the world.

if i had to decide between being happy and broke or rich and sad

i promise i wouldn’t pick the latter

cause i’ve been broke for a while, but still i smile, and my heart keeps getting fatter.

eating up the love given to me, served on a pink platter.

don’t ask me how i like my happiness served, cause i’ll ask “does it matter?”

medium rare, i don’t care. can’t you hear the laughter?

can’t you see i’m breaking down the walls that were built up by my life’s disasters?

can’t you see i’m working my ass off for my happily ever after!

if you hadn’t noticed by now, i’m a very passionate girl.

and i’d never sell you my peace of mind, not for all the money in the world.