a pain you’ve never known

How do you heal pain when you don’t know the cause?

How do you get up off the ground when you don’t know what’s making you fall?

How do you remain strong when you aren’t sure what’s making you weak?

And how do you rid yourself of someone that isn’t even yours to keep?

How do you keep things together, when you aren’t sure what’s making them fall apart?

And how do you finish the race when you aren’t sure where to start?

How do you provide the answers without knowing the questions?

How are you hearing these words but not receiving this message?

How do I

How do you deal with a pain that you’ve never even known?

How do you know the words to the music but not the name of the song?

Answers unknown to questions you’ve been asked.

Last one,

How do you make something keep going, when you aren’t sure why it won’t last?

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