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I’ll be converting my published pieces into audio recordings that can be found on my podcast for those who may not have time to dive deep into reading.

Also in the future, I will have more than just poetry and blog posts uploaded to the podcast.

It will be a place where I will have unfiltered conversations with others about topics important to me and may be important to you as well!!

Stay tuned for more podcast episodes but in the meantime here is my first episode, a poem I wrote titled Where Innocence Once Grew

Beau Monsieur Launch Day Q&A iHaveWrites

I tell you what, I could not think of a better reason to dust off the mic and put it to use again.  We pop out of a hiatus to interview the two co-owners of Beau Monsieur, Will Nixon Jr. and Letisha Boast. Listen along as we talk about how important it is for men to have an outlet when it comes to self care.  Looking for the perfect gift for the special men in your life? Wanting to know where only men can go for self care and relaxation in the future? Listen along, while these questions as well as many other others get answered as we talk about all things, Beau Monsieur.  You can visit the company's website at, http://www.beaumonsieur.com  Or you can visit their social media page which is @beaumonsieurspa on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter — Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/candice-leigh3/message
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  5. Episode 8-Netflix and Chill

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Following Prompts

One star follows me

Running away lit my fire

Easy to see now

Whats your favorite form of poetry?

I have been writing more Haiku’s lately. Challenging myself at just how much power I can put within three lines.

This poem is the result of a poetry prompt posted by an Instagram account I follow. Like what you see? Be share to comment and/or share if time allows. I’d love to hear from you.

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Where Innocence Once Grew

Do you know of the place where innocence grows

Can I go back to the before 

So that my first time can actually be my first time

And not the time after the time we don’t speak about 

A week without the pit in my stomach that grows darker every time I pass a man with blue eyes

The soil beneath me is rotten

There is no growth happening here

I am trying to make a way out of a path I’ve never traveled

So that the feet that follow behind me have a chance to make it

When given the chance take it

Or else it’ll take you

Your dress will become the yes you never gave permission to

The reason you refuse to pour into me should be the reason you quench my thirst

I am empty 

Drained by the vultures who prey on unopened boxes

The jewels that made me sparkle were gone before I even knew they could shine

I am empty

Do you know the place where innocence grows

Can I go back to the before

Where Innocence Once Grew © 2021 Candice Leigh

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