poetically viewed

i tend to avoid eye contact because of the extra hours my eyes put in

as if employee of the month was its birthright

there is no simplicity in having different views

the stars have never easily aligned

two days ago we passed a street and you noticed an empty field
well not that empty--it had become home for the remnants of what used to be
and then you said to me that it was horrible to leave such a sight on display
and then you questioned my face and why it appeared as if i disagreed
well o yes, indeed. you do know me so well
that very same spot is where a home stood right before it fell
if you silence your disgust you'd hear the memories calling out to you
listen to the floorboards squeak as it hid footsteps walking in past curfew
the arguments that kept us up
and the apologies we all slept through
that bag of bones once had love coursing through its veins
one mans trash poetically viewed will always be another mans treasure

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