the epiphany i wasn’t expecting but am embracing

I had hoped you’d say you remembered

It was the last needle I compromised myself to thread

It was at that moment I let go of the metaphorical cliff that 

happened to look just like your promises

Or maybe the cliff got tired of me holding on

Maybe you broke them on purpose

The uncertainty of who let go first

did nothing to the speed at which I was falling

Free falling through the song that played in the background

The soundtrack to our demise

The more you talk about how it isn’t me but you

The more the music grows louder and my hearing improves

There are parts of this song I’ve never heard before

Moments I’ve never touched

Verses that were once foreign now speaking my language

Harps that harped on and on about the beauty that’s in the beholder

Then came the bridge

A bridge I had never crossed before

The trumpets carried me over and then the piano started to play

And once it hit the key that opened up my locked heart

Everything made sense

The sound of me breaking brought me through a lyrical journey 

included with instructions on how to put me back together

Make no mistake I am sobbing–but not because I lost you

But because the epiphany that sat waiting in the pit of me

Finally woke up and showed me where I’m meant to be

And it’s definitely not here with you….

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