For as long as I can remember walking from my front door to yours only took ten minutes         

Not a minute more-not a minute less                                                                                           

And I’m not sure if it was stress that made my footsteps heavier                                                           

But tonight it felt like lifetimes had passed by before I even put down my phone                                      

At 11:00 you text me and you told me you were home alone                                                        

Followed by “You’ll never see me again because I’ve been sad for far too long”                                

At 11:01 I called you and then I panicked because you didn’t pick up                                                        

I left behind my shoes, keys, and jacket because when it came to time – I didn’t have enough                                

At 11:02 my neighbor shouted and asked “Is everything okay”                                                     

Thirty seconds passed as I thought out loud, “No it’s not so please get out of my way”                

My feet dug into the pavement as I had to make up for lost time                                                   

At 11:03 I thought about life without you and I damn near lost my mind                                           

I absolutely lost my breath but I knew I couldn’t stop                                                                            

At 11:04 I questioned if I’d ever make it to your house                                                            

Thank the universe my neighbor is nosy and thank God she called the cops                                           

At 11:05 I jumped in and screamed your name and directed him to go around the block                   

My friend needs our help and that’s really all I can say                                                                           

But that’s mostly because I’m out of breath from running all this way                                                      

At 11:06 he called for an ambulance still unsure of what’s going on                                                      

Can this car go any faster, we’ll be too late, and she’ll be gone                                                           

I felt my heart sink into my stomach-sounds around me got quite blurry

At 11:07 I could see your doorstep and my screams whispered “hurry”                                                            

Please break down the door! I need to get in and save her life                                                      

At 11:08 there you sat while in your hand you held a knife                                                                  

Your eyes were still open but you were barely hanging on                                                             

Time waits for no one and I knew that we did not have long                                                          

At 11:09 I grabbed your wrists and continued to hold them tight                                                                  

I looked at you and smiled then promised that I wouldn’t lose you tonight                                            

At 11:10 I woke up screaming because I can never dream past that part                             

Remembering the night I broke my promise absolutely breaks my heart                                    

Thinking of what I could have done differently                                                                                    

From beginning to the very end                                                                                                            

At 11:11 I wished once more, that I’d never have this nightmare again

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