Photo Of The Day 5.11.21

Photo By: Candice Leigh


and maybe i need them both

i know i need them both, actually

i’m just afraid no one would understand

i was birthed from darkness

there are holes throughout my body that house darkness due to the unspeakable acts done in the light

there are scars that sit on my skin

that scream when i step into the sun

how is it that light is the only place where i can be seen

yet that same light blinds the eyes and deafens the ears to the screams of my shadows

they tried to convince me that the light is where i was meant to be

and it wasn’t until that very moment that i knew i’d never be completely whole without the darkness…

Photo Of The Day 5.8.21

Photo by: Caitlyn Broussard


And when a bit of sun creeps

through and shines it’s smile

on the darkness that’s

embedded itself in all the cracks-

you forget that you

left the door open in the first place

or maybe you didn’t forget at all

maybe..just maybe your hands

did what your mouth couldn’t brave.

The places your mouth wouldn’t travel

your hands freely explored.

Here’s to leaving the door open

because the light feels good