thoughts of her.

And then she asked, “who do you think i am” 

One question, the question, and it renders me speechless

That is who you are, and then some

The raised hand to questions i have yet to ask

The answer no one knows until they see it 

What magic do you possess 

To be in all the places and none of them at the same time

You are more than you know and what you know is infinite 

Like love waiting to find its partner, you are unmatched

The hot flame that is unknowingly cool to touch 

The comma that reminds you to pause through the run on sentences dressed up as thoughts

You are the sky’s violin, depicting its beauty on the way it strikes your strings

You are nothing that i’ve mentioned, and all of what i’ve yet to say

That is who i think you are, and then some

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Yesterday’s news happens to be my morning headline

And my room is filled with our helvetica font

Seems an abundance of silence allows for the point to be made quickly

Leaving time for it to be made more than once

And then once more for clarity

Is this where the words go

Reality will finally greet expectation

Whatever the expectation may be

It sits quietly in the corner with no identity

Just happy to finally be here

The bathroom door opens

Here she comes

I giggled softly, how I love memories

The sunlight danced on her face and then disappeared into her eyes

How different one can look when you see them for the first time

At the front door she stood and smiled

Silence still dancing between us

Seems we were still writing our verses

And I was stuck trying to bridge the gap without falling in

Unsure of when I started moving but I ended up in front of her

Words repressed by the pressure of her lips against mine

A hello subdued with a goodbye

The lipstick stain on my lips matched that of which was on my bathroom mirror

Call me later

Two hours have gone by and still I cannot find the words…

it began as a silent love.

Squinted glares and focused sighs

Deciding what bagel to pair with my caramel macchiato is a special type of art 

Same little cafe on the corner, same time of day 

Same eye contact with the girl I’ve never met 

She drinks green tea when it is sunny 

And milk with a little coffee on the days it rains

Our glances of stolen time were always just long enough

Long enough to bring us back each day

How much can you say over a cup of unshared coffee

How many minutes of face observation equal a proper introduction

How does time fly by in your presence

But stand still outside of that little cafe on the corner

Words never left the holster of our tongues

Yet the silence we shared seemed to tell us everything we wanted to know

A silent love is a love that cannot be destroyed with words

There will be no mornings where we wonder if we said all we had to say the night before

Her heart will never be an incomplete sentence

My feelings will never be a mispronunciation 

Our hesitation of spoken words

Will be the topic of all our conversations

We stared a little longer today

Showed more teeth in my smile

Until tomorrow my silent beauty

Thank heaven for this little cafe on the corner