Colors Not So Bright

Black was the bridge I stood on

Lost in its nothingness

Grasping desperately for blue skies

Grasping for anything really- anything that could ground me

Surround me with dirt so brown, I can bury these gray thoughts

And then water them with ambition so purple I sprout new roots

Roots so unrecognizable to the red hands stained with my blood

The same red hands that tried to drown me in yellow waters and told the world they were just killing me with kindness

Except it was minus the kind

It was my mind that paid the price for a hunger so intense it turned you green with envy

They found you in me

Unaware that though you were removed

Remnants of your not so bright colors remained in my once vibrant veins

And now when I try to love in every color I assume I’ll be declined

Stolen was the sparkle that set me apart

Leaving me colorblind

Rain Dance

Use my time to take my time

Make sure I do it right

one two three one two three

There’s a good chance of rain tonight

Sky turned grey

And the rain fell harder

I move in rhythmic agreement

My curtsy begged for the sky to open

Cleanse my soul of all its bleeding

-What is this dance called-

-And do you do it everyday-

I dance these moves for my pain

And my rain dance washes it away

Following Prompts

One star follows me

Running away lit my fire

Easy to see now

Whats your favorite form of poetry?

I have been writing more Haiku’s lately. Challenging myself at just how much power I can put within three lines.

This poem is the result of a poetry prompt posted by an Instagram account I follow. Like what you see? Be share to comment and/or share if time allows. I’d love to hear from you.

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