Photo Of The Day 4.28.21

Photo By: Candice Leigh

~Maybe I should start a photo series called, “Bridge”~

Have you ever noticed the things beyond the ledge?

The inanimate objects surprisingly all striking a pose

They know what they are worth

And they just wait patiently for somebody…anybody

To give them a second look

I’ve never realized how much I have in common with the players on the sidelines

Aren’t we all just waiting to be tagged in?

Anxious for the day we can display our special skills…

Photo Of The Day 4.21.21

Photo by, Candice Leigh © 2021

If I listen hard enough, I can hear the water ripple as laughter filled the air

Are these the moments you speak of?

Just keep swimming, she said

Kick with all your might

Fight like never before

And when depression holds my head under the water

I remember this day

I remember her voice

Just keep swimming, she said

Kick with all your might

Fight like never before

Photo Of The Day 4.17.21

Photo by Ozge Karabal on

He was the river I lost myself in

Love’s current so rough

It was with ease that I went under

And while I thought our love was magical

Because I could continue to breathe

While submerged underneath miles of water

I discovered later, it was the universe

Preparing me for the second chance

I wouldn’t know I needed

Until I needed it

Photo Of The Day 4.14.21

Photo by Lachlan Ross on

There are days where I think of nothing else other than what awaits me on the outside

And then I wonder if that is why I second guess ever leaving the comfort of my home

Is my future as calming as the raindrops

Or as bold as the lightening that strikes when its jealous

I guess it could be a mixture of both

Or neither

I guess I won’t ever know until I weather the storm