where most turn to ashes

her fire is where i am the warmest

the uncontrollable flame that

ignites all that i feel

hot to touch but not too much

there is not a match that can

be compared to her flame

she devours her own embers

only to be reborn again

better and brighter with each stroke

her inferno ran through my city

with no second thought

leaving no time for second guesses

burn for her or burn with her

regardless she will always be

her own hot spot

and i will always want to

swim in her sea of flames

mask off.

and all this time the smoke screen i stood behind
you never knew existed
you held me in your arms and the smile i wore drifted
and for the first time ever, the oceans that lived in my eyes pushed out streams that flowed down my cheeks

my knees grew weak
love dressed up as a spell
and suddenly i am compelled to be nothing other than me
i am not who you think i am
is this face still worthy of you
unmasked and riddled with imperfection
and on some days, depression
now that you see me
do you see me

a door.

frames sealed shut by words meant to hurt
there are no apologies that will loosen these hinges
there is no forgiveness that could open these locks
no passageway
no entrance

sealed shut this door will remain
for opening it undoes nothing but the sacrifices i gave to close it in the first place
words were the weapon you kept ready in your holster
and i no longer look good in a bulletproof vest
so no thanks but i have no interest in seeing what lies behind door number two


my worst enemy lives in the shadow box on the wall
i show her who i am and no sooner is she showing me who i want to be
never good enough for the shadow box

i use her for guidance on how to dress my wounds
only to watch her undress them
she finds humility in leaving them open
reminds her that pain is real
unlike a shadow, when the lights are turned off, pain does not disappear

an old house

Poetry Prompt- Listen to one of your favorite songs and then write a poet immediately after based on the feelings and emotions it brought about in you. Let the music inspire poetry.

Song- i love you, Billie Eilish

A house built on mistakes
Means we’ll have a solid foundation
The picket fence is in need of a new color
Do you carry any shades of hope
There are rooms in that house filled with the ghosts of those I couldn’t hang onto
The ghosts with beating hearts are the ones that still haunt me
Old memories with new intentions
Cries of forgiveness falling on ears that won’t listen
There is no escaping a hell you’ve created for yourself
There is no evicting souls you’ve invited in
I made sure to decorate the shutters
There was a thought that the beauty created on the outside
Would make the fire burning on the inside extinguished
No need for rescue here
That’s what I said as I refilled the paint trays with my tears
A year has passed and there are no more visitors
And still these seats are reserved
I can’t give up
I won’t let go
There are still sunsets we’ve yet to capture
I started running to catch up with you
And now I have no idea of what I’m after