on the days i miss her most

I can remember watching my mom take off her wig at the end of some days and how she’d just stare at her reflection.

Of course being as young as I was I didn’t understand fully what breast cancer was doing to her or why she had to put her hair on her head

But what I do remember was thinking how beautiful she looked when she stood there-bare and exposed.

How I wish I could travel back to that exact moment as the adult I am now and just hug her-and thank her for indirectly teaching me to love the bare and exposed parts of myself

For those parts are where the hidden meanings are waiting to be found…

Photo Of The Day 4.4.21

Photo by Rachel Claire on Pexels.com

To be the faded image in your back pocket

How did I ever earn the privilege to be loved by you

Memories turned into keepsakes because we couldn’t let go

If you look hard enough you’ll see the cake I dropped on the floor

In the corner sat the chair that couldn’t sit anyone else

-It had weak knees-

And though the brightness has faded I still see the shine in your eyes

Look at me and I come to life 

And on the day I take my last breath I hope your face is the last I see

Add it to the list of faded images that I’ll keep with me forever

Daily Photo 3.29.21

Photo by Ylanite Koppens on Pexels.com

The postcard I never had to send

Absorbed my thoughts as I spilled them

Recounting them to me in times I needed them the most

My memories are you

The scar on your elbow is the “Wish you were here” from Mexico

The spaghetti stain on your shirt is the “Having A Great Time” from Italy

Unfit for a back pocket

But the perfect fit for my heart

My forever post card

Forever stamped, return to sender