the epiphany i wasn’t expecting but am embracing

I had hoped you’d say you remembered

It was the last needle I compromised myself to thread

It was at that moment I let go of the metaphorical cliff that 

happened to look just like your promises

Or maybe the cliff got tired of me holding on

Maybe you broke them on purpose

The uncertainty of who let go first

did nothing to the speed at which I was falling

Free falling through the song that played in the background

The soundtrack to our demise

The more you talk about how it isn’t me but you

The more the music grows louder and my hearing improves

There are parts of this song I’ve never heard before

Moments I’ve never touched

Verses that were once foreign now speaking my language

Harps that harped on and on about the beauty that’s in the beholder

Then came the bridge

A bridge I had never crossed before

The trumpets carried me over and then the piano started to play

And once it hit the key that opened up my locked heart

Everything made sense

The sound of me breaking brought me through a lyrical journey 

included with instructions on how to put me back together

Make no mistake I am sobbing–but not because I lost you

But because the epiphany that sat waiting in the pit of me

Finally woke up and showed me where I’m meant to be

And it’s definitely not here with you….

a tale told by two.

Why do you feel small as your gaze takes in all that awaits us?

Have you forgotten the places that bore you?

The lengths you’ve been?

The time you’ve come?

Do your bones not scream to be reunited with their origins?

Do you not feel the shiver of stardust coursing through your soul?

You have been through galaxies, around planets, dancing through the nebula–time and space are yours and ours.

Remember, fondly.

The faster we fly the more the music fades out

And the night sky replaces the music in my ears with a sound of its own

The vibrato of the wind is on a continuous loop as it whips through my hair, natural curl by natural curl

And time stands still even while we run through it

Even with no time, time travel with you is still a trip around the moon

Is it too soon to bury myself in this freedom

Am i too late

The light of the moon dances across my face

And i remember who i used to be

Still in love with who you are

An array of stars i never thought i’d see again

I can see again and the sky has never been so bright

Nothing has ever felt so right than how i feel in this very moment

My soul is open, and our vibe is potent

Here is hoping that the belt of Orion is strong enough for the both of us

candice & clairissa


what magic you possess in the morning

the earth is still and still your heart beats

these are the moments i live for

a beauty unmatched

unknown even to the beholder

as the world burns around us

serenity lives in your eyes

you are my safe space

the calm before my storm

our imperfections perfected who we are

unapologetic about being unacceptable

what magic you possess in the morning

do you know the power within your smile

shame no longer lives in what was

instead courage pushes me to what will be

you are the memory ill never forget

you are the random thought during the conversation i wasn’t listening to

the daydream i replay at night

marking the exact moment i fell for you

just moments before you caught me

what magic you possess in the morning

to see me in a different light than i see myself

in all the places i feel dim

you whisper to me that ive never been brighter

you caress the scars that could’ve ended me simply because they didn’t

my scars feel so different under your fingers

my stories have an audience

your sweet embrace was the standing ovation i never knew i needed

your kiss whispered encore

and since then life has never been the same

what magic you possess in the morning…

Encouraged Love Affair

I’d go as far as to say that no one is interested in a story everyone has heard already.
Once people hear stories, different versions start popping up. Settings change. Characters are created from thin air. Timelines never seem to add up to the original story.
It’s the title that ignites excitement, right?
I would assume the title is what peaks your interest in the first place.
Determines if you’ll buy the book, click the link, or continue reading the incredibly long social media post everyone keeps sharing.
What if I told you this was about a love affair?
Would it interest you to hear about a heart divided?
What is a love affair? I mean, is it possible to have more than one meaning?
I guess that would depend on who you ask.
Not sure I mentioned it before but this just isn’t any ole’ love affair.
In fact, it is about my love affair.
It is my heart that is divided.
Is that your deciding factor?
Did you buy the book? Did you click the link? Will you keep reading?
If I am being honest, she held my heart in her hands even before I knew I possessed the power to give it away.
I never have to explain what it is I am thinking because her fingers are already knee deep in my mind exploring the pathways I tried to keep secret.
She speaks life into the words that sit idly on my heart. She gives them meaning.
She sings out loud the feelings I’ve only let exist deep within my soul.
How could she know?
In my most uncomfortable positions she makes it very easy to move.
In the darkest of times she gives me 20/20 vision.
She is the wisdom in a world filled with confusion.
Her lyrics fall so softly on my verses.
Her notes reach the highest only when I am offbeat.
She is the cat call buried deep down wanting nothing more than to just be whistled.
I think it could be one of the greatest love stories ever told.
Filled with all the emotions needed to make a best seller.
Love, hate, passion, intimacy, vulnerability, fear…
Do I need to go on?
What more is there to say?
She is…
Well she was…
Are we?
I could give her many names.
But today I’ll call her music
And she will play in my heart forever.

an old house

Poetry Prompt- Listen to one of your favorite songs and then write a poet immediately after based on the feelings and emotions it brought about in you. Let the music inspire poetry.

Song- i love you, Billie Eilish

A house built on mistakes
Means we’ll have a solid foundation
The picket fence is in need of a new color
Do you carry any shades of hope
There are rooms in that house filled with the ghosts of those I couldn’t hang onto
The ghosts with beating hearts are the ones that still haunt me
Old memories with new intentions
Cries of forgiveness falling on ears that won’t listen
There is no escaping a hell you’ve created for yourself
There is no evicting souls you’ve invited in
I made sure to decorate the shutters
There was a thought that the beauty created on the outside
Would make the fire burning on the inside extinguished
No need for rescue here
That’s what I said as I refilled the paint trays with my tears
A year has passed and there are no more visitors
And still these seats are reserved
I can’t give up
I won’t let go
There are still sunsets we’ve yet to capture
I started running to catch up with you
And now I have no idea of what I’m after