One of those.

Woke up overwhelmed and anxious with a hint of sadness.

Trying to rein in my emotions always seems like an easy task until it’s a task I have to complete.

The tears are falling faster than I can wipe them away.

Which could only be natures way of telling me it’s easier to swim with the current than swim against it.

Who wakes up feeling anxious?

What could I have possibly dreamed about to wake up at home and not feel at home?

Trying to act as if all is well while my kid tells me he is bored and wants breakfast is the equivalent to watching a slightly cracked vase be filled with water.

You know the vase isn’t in its best shape, but holding water is what it’s made to do…so FILL.HER.UP.

And with every drop that is added, water slowly seeps through the cracks.

Is there a thrill in testing the limits of fragile items?

Does tragedy let out cries that only attract the hopeless?

Looks like it’ll be one of those days.

You know the ones.

Unexplained and unexpected.

Unheard and unseen.

The picture unhung.

The song unsung.

The medication that doesn’t exist for my current condition.

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